Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday, August 5: Waiting for rain!

I finally have blocked and pinned out my shawl, and of course it's dim and humid. We desperately need rain, but it's one of those days when we could easily miss it but still have this nasty patch of weather. . . . so I sure hope we get some.

August has "incentivized" me into action: I have painted the door and closet in Lyle's/Vianney's room:

I love the blue! The room has a nice fresh touch and yet it took only about four hours. I am a terrible painter, but I do enjoy the end result!

I have also been deep into my shawl project, learning a ton about wet-blocking lace with wires (thank you to Jen and Dawn, my knitting buddies, one who lent the wires and the other who picked them up for me). So far, so good:

 And the last shot is of my *edited* cast-off, of which I am extremely proud, since it took a risk and it turned out just as I'd hoped:

The study is full of fans, which I hope will keep the cats off the futon and the shawl while speeding up the drying process. 

We. Shall. See. 

The rest of August has featured another Shakespeare event ("Merry Wives of Windsor" at Fort Knox yesterday--always a treat!), a lovely time buying L a new, long-promised Pfaff "Select 4.2" which seems perfect for his needs: 

We got it at Sewing by the Sea, and he was made much of there, and it was a great, celebratory time, smiled over by the spirit of Joan Stephenson, my beloved mother-in-law, who always maintained that high quality tools made projects much better. We followed that up with my first-ever meal at the Luau BBQ where we both had delicious lunches, and then a trip to Marden's to look at fabric, and for me to convince L to buy a 3.99 quilting book. . . . :) 

Feeling lucky and happy and excited about our new boy arriving on Thursday. Time continues. Let's hope for rain to top it all off!