Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan. 2: Resolution?

I suppose "resolution" should be followed by a big old exclamation point, but I've been pondering this one and am still not 100% committed, so I will stay with the ?.

I think that for 2011, a year described in my Yahoo horoscope as "fiery hot," my goal will be to do something new at least once a month. Doesn't have to be dangerous, physical, expensive, or big, but new. I'm hoping that January will feature a new recipe. Ha! Yes! Just one! But January is often the month of the cooking rut, so I hope I'll avoid it that way. We'll see. February??? No idea!

So there we go. A resolution? We'll see if it was, in Dec. 2011!

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Leamonteach said...

Ha! Big ball bowling on Jan. 1 with 16 family members. A first. DONE!