Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb. 26: Sat. of Vacation!

The sun is pouring in, gleaming off the 12" snow we got yesterday, from the second snow storm in February. . . I think. Funny how they all run together! It's 16 outside, so feels very January-ish, except for the strong, golden sun. Silas's sister, Sissel, just left this am after her flight was canceled yesterday, so we heeded the strong "stay put" message and had soup and homemade rolls and two different movies and much lolling about. Today I plan more activity: laundry, the house stuff I didn't do before, and more work on finishing Julie's sweater. All in the sunshine. Yessssss!

For my "new" resolution. . . well. Let's see. Had a girl in the house for the first time for a week! Did NOT get a hot stone massage in Portland with Julie last weekend, but did hang out in Border's doing school work for the afternoon. DID complete my Teacher of the Year app., and did also make TWO new meals--a slow cooker chicken curry and a potato/garlic soup. So, tho it's not exotic, I think I've met my goal. Meeting it for March might be harder or easier: I have to go to Augusta for the TOY assembly (ye gods), and I thought I'd try to take a yoga class downtown sometime, and I'd also like to knit with cashmere, which, it turns out, is much harder to get a hold of than I'd anticipated. BUT March is a crazy month, too--evening events at school and N's music/show choir ramps up, and, well, it's MARCH. . . but we'll see.

This is kind of fun, I must say. And now I have to head off to Do Stuff like cleaning off my bureau and the kitchen desk, at least partly in search of my lovely watch which I have, uncharacteristically, misplaced. Sharing below a pic of the lovely second year amaryllis and SWIPE one sunny am this vacation, before I leave!

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