Thursday, February 23, 2012

February 23: Vaaaaaaaacation. . .

It's a calm, grey, rainy morning--a Thursday, which is my favorite day of the week during my regular life. During a vacation, it's often a taking stock kind of day: have I been doing what I want to be doing? Have I been wasting too much time on the computer or futzing around? This week, the answer seems to be that things have been unfolding just about the way I'd like them to: some school work yesterday (what a relief it is to actually get down to it! I always have to rediscover the joy of NOT procrastinating, but it is a joy); a good run; a few letters and thank you notes written; soup and bread made for dinner, and a good chunk of knitting done while reading a fluff book from the library.

Today features rain all day, apparently, so it's nice that my run happened yesterday. . . I plan to swim around noon, then maybe head to the Moo for some ice cream. School work for an hour or so, possibly some sewing (sewing is what often gets squeezed out, possibly because I can't manage to truly multi-task as I do it, while with knitting, I can), and maybe some small neglected tasks around the house: putting up a swing arm lamp over the couch in the living room so I can read, and replacing two missing buttons on a favorite sweater. Such global plans.

Time, I've decided, is what I love about vacation. I love my job, and I miss the hubbub and people of school when I'm away from it, but the sense of potential and option is rich and alluring during vacation time. It's almost, and very unrealistically, unlimited: I truly believe that I can plan future courses AND do my prep AND do my correcting AND sleep in AND knit and read AND. . . . But it's lovely to have that rich dream!

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