Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nov. 3: Ah! My Favorite Month

I have loved November ever since it marked the end of my incredibly busy coaching season so my life could settle into my "just teaching" pattern. It seems clear, clean and simple to me, with the newly-denuded grey branches a perfect metaphor for the new clarity that it brings into my life. I especially love cold, sunny Novembers because the light is simply amazing without the contrast of the leaves, and the air gets so dry that everything stands out sharply.

Today is the first Saturday in November, and I am reveling in having nothing I "have" to do--oh, I have a list of tasks and errands so long that my nine year old self would call me crazy for feeling free today. But I can pick and choose what I do, and I have winnowed my list so that it suits my desires. I plan to correct a little (end of the marking period on Tuesday), do some gentle picking up around the house, write a few letters, go for a run, and read either Jacob Bailey or a new fluff book I got at the library (A Brief History of Montmaray). I'm considering a quick run to the store for something nice for dinner, and that seems about it! What a pleasure to have this freedom of election!

Last night I knitted a bit on a new pair of socks while we watched "Batman Begins" for our family movie; I have also been considering starting one of my new sewing projects--another portfolio dress for the winter, or another market skirt in corduroy. Just one week of (relative) calm, and my spirit is peeking its head out again.

I do love a good orderly life!

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