Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dec. 8: Santa Run!

Not a great pic (you can't see my Angel of Peace costume very well!) but Nate, Lori and I had a good time at the "inaugural" Santa race today. I got the LAST tshirt, which is very cute and longsleeved!, and my time wasn't bad (about 28. 40 or so?), despite the wings, a slight misunderstanding about the finish (I pushed it up our hill thinking we took a hard right to the finish. . . but we had to go about 1/4 mile further: OOF!), and a generally nasty day, rainy and raw. However, everyone was in great spirits, and we all wore Santa hats--what a great scene as we started out! I think the EHS juniors (Nate's class!) made some good money and even more good mojo.

In addition, I got some great fabric for Caroline's pj pants, and have since gotten even more inspired to make them funky and slightly differently than 1. my usual model, and 2. even the pattern I was using from the Weekend Sewing book says! Thank you, Interweb! I may post a pic when they're done. . . if I manage to conquer my ability to read the directions 80 times and still do something wrong--twice.

I also knitted some today on the mitts I'm making for Lyle. . . It's great to do an ornate pattern that's only about 50 stitches, because you whip through the rows! After N and I recovered from the run, showered, ate lunch, and went to Marden's for bargains, we stopped at Morton's Moo and I got a chocolate cookie sandwich with peppermint ice cream. WOW. Then we came home and watched "Men in Black 3" with Andy as I knitted--what a nice day, esp as it continued wet and nasty--wetter than the race, even, which always makes the race seem nicer, in fact. All in all a great day, except that. . . where did it go? The clock is striking 10, and I know it's five minutes slow!

Ah well. What a lovely day, even though it flew by. Tomorrow may bring "The Nutcracker" at EHS, then next week brings new flooring--so much furniture moving first. Such excitement!

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