Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18: "Twas the 18th of April, In '75. . ."

Home from an amazingly interesting, fun, and helpful three college/multi-family trip with Nate and Andy--marred only by the tragic and terrible Boston bombing at the Marathon. Thursday, today, is my "vacation for real and do only what you want to do" day, so

*have made vet appt's for Katniss and Zeus;
*have made app't for the windshield people to come replace the Camry's cracked windshield;
*have made an exhaustive grocery list for some nice, healthy, new, delicious meals in the next few days;
*have organized my various stipends and shares of the tax refunds for deposit into my mad money account;
*have totalled up Nate's driving hours to date (up to 29.5, so we're getting close to Test Time!);
*have generally bummed around the house in my jammies enough so I'm ready for a walk Zeus/small run (Yoga tonight so that will be a surely holy amount of exercise), shower, then downtown trip featuring getting Julie a card; checking out running shoes at Reny's; browsing at TJ Maxx; picking up a reserve book at the Library, and then doing all that lovely grocery shopping at Hannaford's!

Yes. Even when it's routine, vacation is lovely.

Here are a few (?) pics of the family at Skidmore, with Lyle. . . .

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