Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21: Saturday Evening: Bring It On!

It's getting grey and chillyish out there, and it's due to rain. I'm tucked up on the futon, having had a day that featured
rise at 6:30, tidy house, meet with Nate, Andy, and Sam Eliot for college talk, quick errand run with Camilla, make a batch of greasy o'malleys for care packages, run, shower, correct AP papers for two hours (woot! woot!), deal with laundry, FLOP onto futon, 

Andy is watching something on tv but will probably fall asleep soon, Camilla is at homecoming and then an overnight with some friends, and N just got home from Aaron's, mowed the lawn, and is putzing on his laptop. We are all breathing deeply after a busy week, but we're doing well!

I wish I could make zucchini relish and also watch some good movies while knitting. . . . alas. . . but in general I feel pretty happy. I have just gotten some good backup drive advice from Anne Swann, so we'll see how that works. Leftovers for dinner, and more greasy o'malleys to box up!

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