Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nov. 3, Sunday/Time Change Day

Feeling ridiculously upbeat and happy. Not sure why, though it's a cold, clear November day, I did pick up the house so it feels less "heckish," (as my mama used to say), we have an early release day tomorrow as it's the end of the quarter (and I think my correcting is under control!), and on Friday I head to CT/NY to see Julie and Lyle! And, this:

The BookstoreThe Bookstore by Deborah Meyler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At last, at last: a book I had low/no expectations for that delighted and surprised me! I really liked The Bookstore. It looks like a feel good/chick lit/pick it up at Target fluff number, but it's thoughtful, well written, funny, and full of interesting, original portraits of people, some horrifying and some decent and humane. I started noting cringe-inducing lines, but I ended up noting lovely references to other works of literature, unusual turns of phrase, insightful statements. Meyler's voice is intelligent, funny, and sharp: describing a chic gallery opening where she met her fiance, Esme says, "The women were in shiny gold cocktail dresses with leopard-skin accessories, not a tummy between them, and in very high, pointy heels. I--well, I can't remember what I had on. It might have been knitted." (27) Even though I am an ardent knitter, I know *exactly* what she means. Also, "it is a curious thing, to feel so glad that someone else is in the world, to feel that it is almost a privilege to love them." (16). There are many passing reframings of famous lines that delighted me, because I think that's how most of us quote--not perfectly, but imitating the pattern, the key images. I was reading so fast by then that I didn't dogear pages, but just go read the book for yourself.

You might skip the inane interview at the end, however. Meyler is entertaining, but the questions are pretty flat.

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