Friday, April 4, 2014

April 4: Friday. Yay!

It's the end of a lovely Friday (I think: I didn't actually get outside much today), and I am tired but happy. I had a lot of meetings: formal ones, informal ones, ones involving lots of people, ones with only one other person, and I also acquired a student observer/helper from COA, which brings a certain other level of awareness to what I do, but,


it's been a good week. Nice to see Nate more, with show choir pretty much done, and nice to dream about what we'll do in Florence a bit (I may get a purse. Or linens); also nice to have a two-hour delay on April 1 so I could swim at leisure and then run on a much more pleasant and quite light Wednesday morning with Nate!

Terrific family news about unexpected (but apparently 100% healthy) impending babies when we thought there'd be none--delivered, ironically, when I was struggling to shake off a petulant mood--there's a life lesson for you, especially as I had just shared my petulance with friend Megan who said, "You just have to go home with an open heart," and I ran right into joy. Wise advice.

And I am reading and enjoying Cheryl Strayed's Wild, which I didn't expect to (library book sale find!), which nearly makes up for not being able to find my ipod after our trip last week. Must fix that!

So: tomorrow A and I plan a "loose cruise," depending on the weather. . . but featuring lunch for sure. Which will be nice. I'll knit on his very loud socks. I also hope to read a lot!


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