Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan. 26: Bracing for "SNOWPOCALYPSE"!

Time FliesTime Flies by Claire Cook
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Scooped this up in a pre-snowstorm library trip, armed with a list of summer beach reads "with brains and bite" from Ridgefield Public Library. I liked Must Love Dogs a lot, but Cook has written a lot of books since then, and I found Time Flies to be a little disappointing--pleasant, but disappointing. Still, 3/5 stars ain't bad.

Save the DateSave the Date by Mary Kay Andrews
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another "Beach Reads with Brains and Bite" pre-snowstorm and three day weekend book selection. I had forgotten Mary Kay Andrews, who is a solid fluff book writer: less sharp than Crusie, but miles ahead of Steele, etc., she's predictable but fun. I got sucked into this story set in the hot SC summer, dealing with wedding planners and society. Just the thing for a snowy, cold, three day weekend in Maine!

Unf. I had also forgotten that I'd already read her "Ladies Night," so I was disappointed when I sat down to long fluff book #2 only to find it too familiar (and too similar in plot to Save the Date) to reread!

View all my reviews Contents May Have ShiftedContents May Have Shifted by Pam Houston
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Whew. Could *not* get into this collection? novella? self-indulgent bundle of random ideas? by Houston. I liked Cowboys are My Weakness, but this one. . . whew. I tried a few times, but her voice seemed arrogant and pretentious, like a ninth grade student who tells me, "My writing is brilliant. It's my reader's job to figure out my meaning." I was working from my "Beach Reads with Brains and Bite" list, so too much anxiety about not liking something was not on the agenda. Back to the library with you, Houston!

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Well, the weather folks have shot from how the Patriots' balls could have deflated to THE STORM OF THE CENTURY. . .but even if we only get a foot, the timing looks right to have a snow day for my exam day, so I wanted to get caught up on my reading before a library trip en route home today, Monday. We'll see what unfolds. Always fun to anticipate, especially because I don't "need" a day off, but would certainly enjoy one!

Cheers, be safe, and be glad you're not a meteorologist.

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