Saturday, November 14, 2015

November 14: Random Sweepings

Well, we're not going away this weekend, but we are having Andy's former college roommate and his wife overnight, so it's not a pj weekend at all. However, still nice to wake up at 8:30 and pad around in my jammies a bit.

Some loose ends tied up:

A hat for our Syrian refugee knitting project, made by instinct but finished following the Yarn Harlot's Lorne's Hat pattern, and Nate's long-promised orange socks, started in Norway, made even funkier by the Fault Lines pattern. I am hoping he can get his spatulate size 13s into them. If he can't, he may gift them, but I am *done* making socks for the young man who is fully capable of knitting his own! 

I have also finished the school law class, which was ultimately a lot of hoops for a bit of learning. I wrote a very honest evaluation on Wednesday, and am trying not to feel guilty about it, especially after all my scores were 100%s. It was just not well-taught, and one of my central teaching tenets is that people learn from targeted, specific feedback and challenges. This course had neither. So. 

Today I plan to do some cleaning (an hour), a swim, some bulb planting, and some school, before our guests arrive. Next week I hope to make an app't for my yearly check up (I'd love to switch to a doctor who would send reminders, too. . . . Do they do that anymore?) to get my thyroid checked again (weird sleep patterns and temperature swings. . .  could be The Change, but could be thyroid) and to get the okay for p.t. on my cuboid bone in my right foot, which is still giving me trouble. 

And the attacks in Paris are shatteringly sad. The Fred Rogers quote, "Look for the helpers," does sustain me, but the magnitude of hatred in our world is devastating. Holding that feeling into the clear, crisp sunshine of November. 

Onwards, with humility and gratitude. 

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