Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday, March 17: Very, very tired

The odd days of March are coming to a close, but I have been flat out for so long that I am dragging dragging dragging.

So: I thought of some things to remind myself about: Key Pointers when You're Super Busy:

1. Be as efficient as you can be, but don't rush all the time. Deep breaths.
2. Don't cheat yourself. If you have to get up early, be honest about it and give yourself enough time to get where you have to be without a frantic hurry.
3. Also, don't cheat yourself of what you love. Take time to download that audiobook for the commute; eat food you like and that tastes good.
4. Shorten, don't skip altogether, things that you don't have much time for. A quick workout vs. no workout; a few rows of knitting vs. a neglected project. You'll feel like you have a life.
5. Don't waste the time you DO have: be careful about aimless browsing on Facebook or whatever; be mindful of what you do.

So I am down loading my audiobooks, and then I will go to bed, looking at Friday and a weekend with not much planned. YAY!

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