Saturday, April 16, 2016

April 16: Opening Saturday of Vacation!

Ahhhhhh. It actually snuck up on me after so many weekends of Things To Do: Plays, Concerts, PBE class, Trips to Lewiston, Massive Amounts of Grading. . . . but here we are. It's sunny, and Maine-in-April warm, and things are good. Tomorrow I will embark on one of those packed-in multi-step family visits that I have learned to love: leaving here around 6 am to get down to see Alex play b'ball and Tom coach b'ball and to visit with Ellyn, Jake, Lyle, Dad, and Ann! Whew! I think Nate will come with me to add to the fun--Andy has to go down to B'wick all day on Wed. to meet with realtors so he's passing on another s. Maine trip. We are hoping to stop at Holy Donuts.


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