Monday, July 21, 2008

7.21: Meme from various places

What was I doing 10 years ago?
July 21, 1998: probably a lot like what I'm doing now, enjoying summer home with my family, but then the boys (who would then have been FIVE AND TWO!!) would've been asleep and--well, my husband and I would've been too! In the other house, with a different dog, and different cats.

5 things on my to do list for today (actually, tomorrow, since it's 9:35 pm)

1. work out: a long fast walk with the dog before it gets too hot or I get worn out doing the next item: DONE!!!

2. finish cleaning out and prepping the study, then PAINT IT with help from Elder and Friend! This will gobble most of the day. DONE: painted and somewhat reconstructed but much "yit" to put back in!! Still, I'm delighted.

3. type up a newsletter for the Mission Board at church and also minutes from Library trustees. DONE: just now.

4. shape the sourdough for its final rise, then bake it. DONE: but this was TERRIBLE again. Doughy and flat and holey. Hmmmm.

5. as always, email Julie. DONE: numerous times!

FANTASY To DO Additions: knit, work on quilt, finish Jane Eyre, plan Global LIt. Unit. . . AND do everything listed above!

Snacks I enjoy: good cheese and crackers; mixed nuts; Moore Leamon iced tea; good barbeque potato chips; cookies and tea in winter

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Take the whole family to the UK for a walking/fishing/putzing around vacation; give money to the Library for an addition; buy a bunch of supergreen cars and give them to people; give random people who need it sneaky gifts of money; establish scholarships in honor of great teachers I've had and people I've loved

Places I have lived: Ellsworth Maine; Southwest Harbor, Maine; Nantucket, MA; S. Hadley MA; Colchester, England, Ashburnham, MA; Poland, ME; Northfield MA; Lewiston ME; Annville, PA

Jobs I have had: teacher! cleaning lady! bookstore clerk! ice cream scooper! Prep cook! kitchen worker! dishwasher! kennel worker! babysitter! tutor! Staff at writing center! Editor!

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