Friday, October 1, 2010

Oct. 1: Friday Night. Pouring Rain. Pre-Thai Food.

I am very happy, all of a sudden! Silas and Lyle have gone to the Mex and a movie with Lyle's girlfriend, Holly (this is new this week, so I am practicing)--tho I hae me doots given a few awkward pauses when she came, but oh well. We are not going away anywhere this weekend, tho S. has a Saturday "thing" with AFS on the island and we're having two AFS boys from Egypt stay here on Sat. night. I have to take Zeus to get his staples out at the vet tomorrow (and neither of us is psyched about that, let me tell YOU!), Gram is bringing up our side of beef, and I have to make brownies for the AFS dinner and locally sourced bread for communion . . . . I sort of want to see both boys run in Belfast, but I. Need. Some. Time. Home.

But it's October 1st! And that makes me happy and excited, for some reason. I *do* love the start of months!

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