Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct. 31: WAHOO!

Well, yesterday I said to Andy, "This is the busiest we'll ever be." And, honestly, I think that's right. Lyle and Silas as seniors and athletes, A and me as full time teachers, me as dep't head, library chair, and mission board member at church, Nate involved in xc and every other possible activity, A visiting his dad every other weekend, A turning 50 with the concomitant celebrations. . . . all good, all chosen, all rich and full and. . . WOW~

So yesterday featured 7 am long-overdue car maintenance appts in Brewer for both Toyotas, then L's final State xc meet (probably final xc meet), and Silas's last football AND a work call for Nate and work at a Y fundraiser haunted hayride for Lyle. AND we did it--but it was a "leave the house at 6;30, return for 15 mins at 1:30, and then stagger back in at 4 pm" kind of Saturday. So, today the boys and I are skipping church, A is going to wave the family flag, and I will swim at a leisurely 10:30 ish time, food shop thereafter, and the afternoon will unfold into trick-or-treating with no particular fuss at our house.

Whew! And tomorrow is November, which starts with a busy week (tho I voted on Friday!) and end of marking period 1/2 day on Friday; the second week features ARMISTICE day, so a three day week, a day off, and a Friday; one five day week, and then finishes (nearly) with a two day week before T'giving. Yay! And I *do* love November.

Good stuff. Rich. Just nice to kick back once in a while. Happy November, soon!

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