Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lucy Sullivan Is Getting MarriedLucy Sullivan Is Getting Married by Marian Keyes
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Well, this is a reread, but I"m surprised to see there's no comment here, even, because I remember reading Lucy Sullivan the first time and I remember the reasons I didn't like it: too predictable, too dragged out. Not sure what changed, but this time when I read it, I was much more impressed by Keyes's facility at describing patterns that the person in them can't see, like the one Lucy is trapped in. The book is not her strongest effort, but there's more here than I saw on first read (about a year ago). Most moving is the description of depression, which, if you follow Keyes at all, you know comes from a deep and painful personal experience with it.

I am looking forward to reading "Mystery of Mercy Close"--plan to get it as my September local bookstore purchase!--and I'd also like to reread the Holiday one: Rachel's ? Holiday, since I remember that as one of her best. So this is up to three stars from my original 2.

But don't you think that Goodreads needs a "reread" category?

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So a semi-fluff book that I'd read already. . . just what I needed for the first real week back to school! It was a good week (a four day week, of course. . . ), and I wasn't quite comatose by the end of it. We had a great inaugural knitting group on Friday--eight people, with a few drop ins!--and I stopped at TJ Maxx en route home to get new washcloths (!! My life is just jam-packed with excitement) and then Nate, Andy and I watched "Mean Girls" and ate Thai food for our Friday movie night. This weekend marks our church's bicentennial, which leaves me cold, but we have a dinner tonight and a special service tomorrow. . . . and it's due to rain or be grey all weekend, so I'd better settle in with some indoor projects to keep me cozy. 

It feels like I'm settling into the routine again, and that's great. Onwards!

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