Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28: How the heck did THAT happen?

I'm at Mom's house in Auburn for the night. She had a new patella put in last Friday, and this seemed like a good day to visit. I'm combining this drop-in with breakfast with my dad at 8 tomorrow, and then I'll head to Belfast to see various xc teams run in the pouring rain (Nate has a sore Achilles and is not running) and cheer my exchange "niece" on, then dry and clean Saki up and we'll go out to lunch in Belfast.

The ride down was pretty, with lots of trees changing, and the heavy rain holding off pretty well. I got here at six so it wasn't too dark yet, either. Mom is more laid up than I expected--she's so tough that I'm certainly not used to seeing her less than 100%, and with a walker??? I think not. But all is going as planned, I guess. I managed to make her a pair of pj pants in a pretty brown leaf patterned flannel (the good stuff, from Sewing by the Sea, not discount from Marden's!) during the evenings/afternoons of the week, so that was a fun present. I'm hoping the work over the bandages and that they're comfy!

A little bit of a crazy week--phase of the moon? End of month #1? Not sure, but I was a tad edgy, and overwhelmed, and all that good stuff, so a definite shift of focus is a good idea. Soon I will retire to bed and read Jacob Bailey, Dad's new book, till I fall asleep--5 minutes? But it's a good book, and I'm glad to get to the weekend.

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