Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct. 25: Friday, and a Weekend with Not Much Planned!

Well, today Nate got his license. His elder brother got his just before he started spending most of his time away, so that hasn't seemed like a big reality to me, but my! thinking of my baby (yeah, I do that, I have to admit) driving. . . wow. I'm proud of him, but I still feel unprepared. Blessings on him, and may all things go well!

And: I have several books on the go, including a luscious one on audiobook: John Saturnall's Feast, rec'd by a wonderful book blogger, CornflowerBooks. It is absorbing, rich, and I much look forward to listening to it as I adapt and finish the Harry Potter robe I'm making for a son's friend. Also, I am loving the secret Christmas project I'm knitting (Tweet), and listening to the book will make the knitting even more fun. Last weekend I started reading The Art of Fielding (and dreamt about it during my weird wakeful stretch early last week) and I also checked a fluff book called The Bookstore out of our library at school.

I've also been browsing recipes: Joy the Baker comes through with Pumpkin Pecan Scones, and I want to make no-knead bread, and pumpkin coconut bisque. Now I only wish I had a week off, maybe!

Later: just watched "What to Expect When You're Expecting," and found it to be a much funnier and more moving film than I'd expected. Wish I'd convinced Andy to watch it too: lots of memories of first moments and deliveries and the like. Not perfect, but raised a lot of interesting points. So: soon to read a bit and then to bed. It's chilly and raining outside: perfect Halloween weather!

So: lots of good, rich stuff happening. Interesting how life is always interesting.

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