Sunday, October 6, 2013

Oct. 6, Sunday: Breathing through The Now

Well, we're up to a busy busy week: I have drifts of correcting that didn't get attended to last week, and more coming in; I have NEASC meetings at school that will consume a good deal of my lovely Sunday afternoon and had me stress dreaming last night (!!); I have a library meeting (and extra library meeting) to prep for another extra Library meeting; I have my usual life and unfoldings, and then, like a light in the mist, we have parent confs. all day Friday and a three day weekend.

I have had a lovely fun trip to Belfast with Camilla and Andy to see Nate run well at his race; an overnight with Nate to visit Bates (and see Gram and Anita),  a delicious feed on the freshest lobsters possible, caught by a wonderful new friend of Camilla's and her 14 year old brother; I have started a Christmas project (knitting) that is both doable and instructional (I hope), and I have been experiencing, as is so often the case in times of demand, the "next step" of hormonal variations in my life, so have had that level of reflection and excitement as well.

A rich and full life, indeed.

Onwards, breathing, and enjoying the now.

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