Saturday, November 1, 2014

November 1: Yay!

November is one of my favorite months: again and again, it seems to usher in a calmer, more settled time marked by a deep gratitude for our warm, cozy house, people we love, and a way to get out of the often-raw weather. At the same time, the leaves are dropping or gone, and the light is amazing. This year seems to be no exception: Tuva left for her new host family today, Andy and I did a lot of cleaning and organizing after a dishwasher leak of major proportions on Thursday night, and we are bracing for a potential snow storm of 6 - 12"! I managed to fit in a good workout with Kiley, a lot of laundry and tidying, a few more steps on my pj pants, the top of the second stocking for Emma, and a LOVELY loaf of sourdough, baked in the terracotta:

We just looked outside and there are big, fat, wet snowflakes mixed into the rain. . . YIKES!

What a nice start to this month. Yay! 

Julie sent me books from "her" booksale, and I got a LOT of red tea through Amazon: I ordered twice what I thought I ordered, but that's okay with me!

Off to listen to the rain in our empty-nesting house!

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