Sunday, November 9, 2014

November 9: Back to a Regular November!

Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler
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I really enjoyed listening to this audio book, and I can't imagine how it is as a print book, because various people come in and read parts of it (Amy's parents are wonderful!) and she bursts out laughing or uses funny accents in other parts. It's thought-provoking and interesting, but a little weird for me because though I know of Amy's work with Parks and Rec and a little of it with SNL, I don't know it well, and I mostly picked up this book because of her website "Amy Poehler's Smart Girls" on Facebook. It is funny in places, serious in others, and interesting overall, bringing me into a life I neither knew much about nor wanted to live.

So, I highly enjoyed it, but I'm not really sure what its overall effect was. I WILL say that I didn't like having the last chapter read aloud to an audience, because the laugh track/audience was wayyyyyy too intrusive and annoying: a few people laughed at everything: she cleared her throat (gales of laughter). . etc. But, overall, interesting.

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Well, it's been a funny week after three days off. The weather has bounced all over the place, but we got a nice day yesterday: cold, clear, and sunny, so Andy, Zeus and I set off for a New Place: Fort Point State Park in Stockton Springs, an easy half hour's drive away. We spent the morning working out (good run for me, good swim for A; couch surfing and barking at squirrels for Zeus) and putting the yard to bed: A mowed up all the leaves and I planted about 60 bulbs (of course I had no idea I had that many, but they got shoved into the ground, sprinkled with bone meal, and covered up. Good enough, dude!). After showers and wraps from 86 This, we headed out, and had a lovely time once we found the poorly marked fort and a whole side of Stockton Springs that we had no idea even existed before. There's an old wrecked fort (Fort Pownall), a lighthouse, a major league dock and a nice beach where one could drag up a kayak easily (swimming is discouraged due to strong cross currents). . . . It's a real sleeper as a spot to visit, and we had a really nice time!

Upon our return we made an amazing lasagna with homemade noodles and sauce (one's in the freezer for later. . .yay!). Now I am planning/scheming how to make an easy fun skirt with stashed material in place of this $88 numbah from Boden. . . and swimming and church and. . . . of course! 

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