Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday, Dec. 27: Snow at Last!

Nasty, grizzly, raw, sleety/snowy day. . . . but we had a gathering for a bunch of Nate's friends, and that was fun--and also inspired us to clean the house. Once everyone left (always a nice time after a party!), I finished reading Out of Nowhere, which I started over Thanksgiving and then got distracted from. It's an excellent book. *Excellent.* Go read it, before vacation ends!

 Out of NowhereOut of Nowhere by Maria Padian
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. Maria Padian's Out of Nowhere is a terrific novel--it's written in a realistic voice, deals with timely issues in an honest way, and moves rapidly. While I wish she hadn't changed the name of the town from "Lewiston" to "Enniston," it was fun to match up the stories: the mayor became female; the good Italian restaurant, DaVinci's, became Michelangelo's; Bates turned into Mumford. I remember the rally that I took Lyle to, described at the end, as well! However, the other aspects of the novel are what makes it truly impressive: the novel isn't glib, doesn't offer a Hollywood-esque soft focus finish, and the questions of religion, reason, and fairness stay clear and powerful. I'm thinking it might be an excellent book for Maine high school students to read!

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