Saturday, December 17, 2016

Saturday, Dec. 17: Snowy Saturday, Boy Home. . . .

Deep, calming breath, with happiness lying under it. Saturday morning, following a short (we had a SNOW DAY ON MONDAY! WHAT BLESSING!) but super-busy week: Tuesday: three stop errands to get all the bits and pieces for various ornament swaps, Secret Angels or Santas, etc; Wednesday: dr's appt/checkup; Thursday: picking up the euros I ordered for Nate on top of the usual homework club/yoga + making bread and salad for Bo's gathering on Friday; Friday: dropping off the car for four new tires and a headlight (yes, I was driving a deathtrap around), getting a ride into school, meeting to discuss next year's plans, Readers & Writers Group meeting 2:30 - 3:30, 4:30 ride to Bo's, lovely time and dinner there, then ride to Harmon's to get my car (I feel so safe on the road now! It's like driving a tank!) at 7:45, and home by 8!!!!!

*But. . . . . I finished my grad class work for this 3rd class on Monday (that was a focused and intense snow day, but so so nice to have!), so I have a relatively empty weekend upcoming, and one that sort of snuck up on me! Nate just got home last night late late in an effort to avoid the snow that we are having even as I type, and he is asleep up stairs with his belongings scattered all around the house, but safe and sound.

I may make sugar buns to welcome him home (for elevenses, as I think he probably got into bed around 3 am or so); I hope to finish my "Regular Guy Beanie 2.0" in lovely blue Malabrigo today and then make Lyle a knitted pincushion, maybe while finishing listening to The Secret Garden. I could/should also go for a run and finish up the Ridgefield Christmas box so I can mail that off Monday. And we are renting a big rug shampooer to do the living carpet because either Zeus or the cats left many suspicious wet spots after our weekend away. So there are items on the to do list.

BUT: I don't have a lot that I have to do that I don't want to do.

What a blessing!

And I am sitting with my strong coffee by the propane fireplace listening to my favorite Kate Rusby sing in her lovely Yorkshire accent on Sweet Bells (go buy it for yourself and brighten your December!) and things are good. Outside, it's been record-settingly cold, the dark is rising on many levels, and social discourse seems awry; nonetheless, it's important to strengthen our hearts and souls to provide the light, hope and strength we need to move forward.

Edited to. . . shift this post from my (mind-bogglingly boring) grad class blog (not even posting a link) to this one. And to add some pics:

View from my comfy chair to the patio!

My current love. . . . on 5th attempt to get it right!

Katniss awaits the magic warmth machine

So symbolic it makes my eyes water. . .

So there are some thoughts and images for a still snowy Saturday that is still filled with free space and potential!

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