Saturday, January 7, 2017

Friday, Jan. 6: Friday, Friday, Friday!

A. and I are settling into our empty nesting phase: N. is in Nantes with his host family and his Euros, getting his life arranged for a stretch; L. has taken a week off and is in NYC visiting friends but still communicado and very happy; school has restarted w/ a busy four-day week featuring a hair cut, an eye dr's app't (my eye is fine, despite the Weiss dot, etc.), and the general malaise and flatness of coming back to school. That will fade as we all reconnect, get motivated, and move on, but I am still ecstatic that it's FRIDAY!

*Great yoga class yesterday, AND I was given a massage certificate by a Secret Santa !!!!

Goals for the weekend:
*potting another amaryllis, this one for school
*knitting on my sweater and watching a movie.
*thank you/holiday notes.
*church--trying to get back into that mode.

Some pics. . . . because. . . .

Sparkly toes from stocking polish! 

Nate's magnum opus, stage one complete!


New Year's Eve: penne a la vodka

A rare sight.. . . 2017 detente? 

So. . . Matt's no Knead Artisanal bread is rising, I have some laundry to do and Christmas boxes to put down stairs, a run and a shower, and then. . .KNITTIN' TO START! Yikers! 

N is settled in Nantes, and now off to Tours for a weekend group bonding activity. Into January!

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