Saturday, January 28, 2017

Saturday, Jan. 28: Ends and Beginnings

A quiet Saturday morning in late January chez Leamon/Stephenson. . . . I realized this morning that N. has been in Nantes for less than a month, though it feels like he's a native! He's happy, busy, learning, and also planning for his six week Moscow City Theater experience in May/June right after. Amazing.

I am ending one semester and beginning another: despite the day off we're allotted (and that's a rare gift in public schools that switch semesters!), it's a stressful time, but also a time of reflection and consideration: what did students learn? What skills can they show? How can I tweak my approach next term? How can I keep contact with students who need it as my responsibilities change?

This year, the personal questions are even deeper and more pressing. How can I protest most effectively? How can I resist the hate-filled, ignorant actions and speech pouring from the White House? How can I insure that, no matter what the outcome, I can feel that I have done my best to stand up for what is right, what is ethical, what is compassionate?

Well, last Saturday I marched in Augusta, which was an amazing, restorative, and empowering experience. Over 5000 other people were there, plus neutral estimates of over 1million marchers in DC alone. Nate marched in Nantes--he's the tall guy w/ a blue hat on the left in the picture. I met up with Mom in the crowd in Augusta. My brother marched with his daughter. My sister went to DC. Julie and her daughter did too.

My mama, Anita, and me, representing! 

Becky squared. . . .
And here's the pic. from Nate's article:
He's the tall guy in the blue hat in the middle left.
So there is much good and much to worry about. I am deeply disappointed in the lack of commentary by my elected officials about the actions taken by our president. Yup, I can't say he's "not my president," because, de facto, he is. So we need to be responsive and outspoken. I've been, but Collins? Not so much.

Deep breath, though, and onwards. Into February. Into the light. Towards a world where people are alert to the importance of actions and words.

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