Saturday, February 4, 2017

February! 4th: Saturday late afternoon

After the busyness of last weekend, this weekend is the calm. My week was busy, as I have started with a course of chiropracter visits to address some issues in my midback, neck/shoulders, and feet, and I also went to our new dentist for the preliminary exam before my cleaning in a few weeks. A. was conference-bound for Thurs night and Friday, and then at his brother's on Friday night, so I had some solo time--last night featured a lateish arrival home post library and chiro, then a walk w/ Zeus and a run out for pizza. . . Yay!

This afternoon I sewed for the first time in a long time, and it was a pleasure, even though (partly because?) I had to figure out a new sewing machine as my beloved PFaff has headed down to Lyle for a few months. He has "sewn out" the basic one we bought this summer, and I have less time/drive to sew than he does, so we're switching it up for a bit. We have a forgotten one here, and I just managed to get it to make two buttonholes and sew some basic pocket seams on some pj pants I cut out in August. They are long but cotton ones, so if I finish them by, say, May, that will be great! Last night, I finished the Caret and Chevron socks from the pattern I downloaded long ago from Interweave Knits , so I have a chance to decide on another portable project. . .  should be booties, really--I am a few pairs behind!

It was fun to move away from the crazy of the internet and sew for a bit as the sun moved through the snowy winter trees and the sky and clouds shifted. I finished listening to The Turner House, by ??? Flournoy, which was interesting overall, and, in general, it was a nice, mellow, creative weekend. I even resisted the urge to go to Marden's to get more blue batiks for a second table runner! I am hoping to "sew down" my project pile for a bit first.. . .especially since my sewing machine is on lend!

The socks--eyed by the dog. 

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