Friday, July 21, 2017

July 21: Friday! Already?

Another hot, hot, hot day: we got up and went out to breakfast prior to Nate's trip to Littleton MA to see his friend Ben, and then I started working on stuff, and basically didn't stop till after dinner. Well, I did stop for a WONDERFUL half hour swim/loll in the river--heaven! Yesterday Andy, Nate and I had a river time: we took the kayak, the paddle board, and a lifejacket down and spent two splashy hours falling off, paddling, floating, hitch-hiking, fishing (Andy, in life jacket and flippers. He loved it!). . . . We are so lucky to be so close to the river!

And today I made the Thai rainbow noodle sesame salad, which was delicious--I doubled the dressing recipe, just in case, and we used some of the extra, but we have more zesty goodness for future salads. I subbed in a few items, but overall, it is a keeper, and maybe a potluck special. So that's one item off my to do list!

Tomorrow A and I drive downstate to his twin nieces' b'day gathering. I will knit on my shawl at least en route down--probably have to drive on the way back, and I haven't cracked knitting and driving yet. Probably not safe!

I did wash my linen/cotton blend for a potential dress, but it was too darn hot and I was really too busy with b'fast out--bank--post office--library--bread--food shopping--four loads of laundry--salad dressing--tons of salad chopping--making iced tea--making dessert (these, with berries instead of icing). . . . to actually fulfill my dream of sewing today. Sunday, maybe. We'll see.

Lyle is here for his annual day of floating down the river with Sam--what a great day they picked! They both got a bit burned (he's 24. I offered sunscreen. . . ) but had a terrific time. A and L are now watching "Kong." I'm in my study and about to do my toe nails after a week of thinking I should!

Onwards into the summer.

Here's how hot it was: cat pictures.

Oh, they're downstairs, so they'll wait. Let's settle for a dessert picture:

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