Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10: Can Knitting Be Cursed?

I have been working on a pair of socks for BH, my biggest sock supporter. They're nothing spectacular, no funky pattern since the yarn is pretty out there (brown base with a varigated green/yellow/blue/white intermittent pattern, no regular striping), no unusual details. Knit toe up so I can be sure to make the feet long enough and then compromise on the leg length. Supposed to be my portable project as I forge onwards with the Feb. Lady Sweater. Fine.

Time one: too big. Even on BH's big ol' size 13s, there was extra. Okay, tear it out. Here it is before Frogging #1. Looks innocent and doable (if big), huh? HUH? Just. wait.

Time two. Better. I think this will work (smaller needles). Fine, fine, up to heel. Wanted to do the eye of partridge with the short row heel. Yikes: big weird pucker. Pondered. Frogged heel.

Time three: held off on e of p for about 6 rows to allow the heel to establish itself BEFORE getting tighter. Still a little pucker. Not enamored of this heel. Didn't I do it once before, fine? On maybe my third pair of socks? Frogged heel, lead in and turning. It's my sock. I get to.

Time four: New heel pattern. LIked pic, let's go. Oops. Following pattern and learning "w & t" technique while hurrying to get done and waiting for sister's arrival so we can go out to dinner. . . . not so good. Frogged heel.

Time five: NEARLY frogged heel over weird numbers and knitting wraps into their matching stitches--I think I did it right on one side, wrong on the other, but I held it together. Then I casually counted to be sure there were 38 stitches. Nope: 26. TWENTY SIX. I had gleefully continued making my ssks and p2 togs over the gaps, creating my gorgeous eye of partridge heel stripes for a LOT too long. So. I. FROGGED. AGAIN.

Then I went to bed, having rescued the stitches on a size 0 needle but without the heart to really situate everything and get it going again. Honestly. This "portable project" may do me in forever--or, as the kids say, "for-freakin'-ever."

And. . . the deer ate all but two of my tulips in the garden out front. VERY carefully. Vermin.

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AnnL said...

You were very relaxed about your knitting adventures when we had that fabulous dinner at Jordan's! Bummer about the deer - I view them as long-legged carriers of Lyme disease, myself.