Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30: Random Rain. . .

We are in a wet, green tunnel in Ellsworth Maine right now. . . The weather keeps backing up the time or date of the Big Clear, but rumor is we should get some sun today. We shall see. I feel sorry for the track coaches of the world!

I am not competing in anything this weekend! Last Monday Younger and I ran the Memorial Mile, and we BOTH chopped nearly a minute and a quarter off our last years' times. . . . Pic to follow. . .

I won my age group! Shocking! Much fun, and my foot continues to feel pretty darn good. Yesssssss.

Today Younger, three friends, and I go to the long-awaited reopening of our local two-show movie theater to see UP. We've planned this for months, and were planning to go to Bar Harbor to see it, so we're delighted to do the local thing and stay around here, saving time and gas and supporting ELLSWORTH! It's an earlyish show so I may have time to do some knitting tonight afterwards as well. That Feb. Lady Sweater languishes, and my socks for BH aren't ezzackly flying off the needles, either! Busy stretch.

I am craving vegetables in my diet. . . my dream menu for dinner tonight is: curried squash soup, ravioli with carmelized vegs, feta, and asparagus, and a fruit pie. Needless to say I would have to make all of those things occur, and. . . not sure if that will happen! BUT I do plan to stop by the farmer's market and see what local goodness they've got on offer, despite the wet! I'd also like to put in a good weeding session at the church jungle--I mean garden! The lily of the valley and the speedier weeds are taking huge advantage of the weather, and tho this week marks the height of the l. of v.'s appeal, since it's blossoming, I'd love to reduce it to islands of green rather than a huge sea of it. The PLAN was that I would run first, then weed while sweaty already, but that might not happen.

I'm facing about a week of craziness, since the ninth grade class my colleagues and I debuted this year has its major public presentation on Thursday, and then on Friday I head to Pilgrim Lodge for the women's retreat, and I have to take the boys to Brewer for the ortho. Monday, have a hair cut Tuesday, and have Mission on Wed. . . . so next Sunday night will be a peaceful place to be. HOWEVER: my life is full, happy, rich, rewarding, full of loving people and good fortune, and there's a lot of teaching fulfillment coming up as I/we see our kids show off what they've practiced and learned. So. Stress: ha! It's challenge and reward.

Off to eat yogurt and fruit for b'fast. Step one!

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