Sunday, May 17, 2009

May 17: Post-Mini-Triathlon

Well, yay! Yesterday I completed my first mini-tri (also known as a "sprint" triathlon, but since there was no sprinting involved in it at all for me, I prefer "mini"--tho even that didn't feel right at about .5 mile into the run!). It was a great day for a triathlon, tho the wind picked up a bit as the day went on. I was really nervous, having never done a competitive swim or bike ever in my life, but, as part of my mind knew, the usual camaraderie of family-oriented sports events came out and all was fine. As it was, I was very proud of my swim (I actually beat my lane-partner, who happens to be my neighbor!) and I cooked on the bike--since I was in the last "wave" of swimmers, there weren't a lot of people behind me to pass me (nice!) and I actually passed a lot of other people (8? 10?) on the bike course. It was definitely the strongest ride I'd done--practice paid off. However, when I started the run. . . . oof. It all hit. Maybe I didn't stretch enough, in between, maybe I had gone too hard, maybe I was just tired (ya think?), but the run was wooden and stiff. The last 1/2 mile I was able to speed up a bit past a "I hit the wall!" plod, but it was definitely the slowest and hardest part of my events.

Still. . . I did it, kept moving the whole time, met some fun people, participated in a group thing, raised some money for the Y, and am pretty darn proud of myself!

BH and I went out to lunch, then came home and I slept for TWO HOURS! That felt great!

And now my life has that "opened out" feeling one gets when something big is done. . . and I have tons of plans for the emotional/worrying/physical energy I've been putting into training, starting with a good food shop today after church and then some major school planning. Look out, World: here I come!

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AnnL said...

You go, girl! The run is always really nasty, I find - although it helps if you actually practice the transition between bike and run so you get used to that weird spacy feeling! You gave me your plantar Fasciaitis, though, thanks a ton!