Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 11: Well, maybe some stress. . .

Ahhh. It's Thursday afternoon, and I love those, but I am still looking back on and forward to too little time doing stuff I like and want to do, and too much doing stuff I gotta do but don't wanna. So.

Fantasy stuff I could do:
--knit. Like all day, and maybe with friends. Get needles I like on my Feb. lady sweater, get the heel done on A's sock #2, maybe start the market bag I want to try.
--watch "Smoke Signals", the netflix I've had for weeks now. I've seen it before, but where has the time gone?
--garden. Period, amen. The list of what I could do is HUGE.
--read. I have three books I want to read NOW.
--sleep. Like from 10 pm to 8 am about five days in a row, and maybe take naps to boot.
--go out to lunch.
--clean the house. I mean, really dig in and clean the house deeply in an "all day sweaty huge piles of stuff to dispose of loud music deep down BONES clean the house" way. It's been so long that I am really wishing I could do this. Honest.

Reality stuff I have to do:
--go to Younger's medieval fair tonight.
--correct three piles of stuff that's come in over time and that I need to do.
--summarize grading for about 8 Solutions Fair projects that are complete.
--come up with a prompt, an exam topic, a prep-in-advance essay topic, and a poetry exam question.
--go to graduation.
--line up cards, etc, for Elder's friends who are graduating and for various students I have graduating who get cards.
--help kids tie up loose ends; recognize end of year!

Yikes! So. In about a week, I will be done with most of it. Till then. . . here I go.

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