Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 30: Good Stuff

BH and I just had a conversation about how we were coping with the extended greyness, and we reminded each other that overcast vacation is still more fun, and richer than, work days. . . . and I must say I have been fulfilling my pledge to make the most of my vacation time.

DID clean the house from top to toe, pores out, yesterday. . . .

DID go to Schoodic Fiber Arts Festival (tried to add a link, but with no apparent luck; go to http://www.schoodicarts.org/ to check it out) yesterday with Marie. . .

AND did finish Cursed Sock #2 while watching three episodes of "Rosemary and Thyme" with Younger last night!

That leaves about 1/2" straight sock and about 1" ribbing to do on the first sock, the one that I have frogged seven times and counting, and then, I informed BH, he is to put them on his feet and I am to hear no more about them. Ever.

I also got a different #7 round needle for the Feb. Lady yesterday, so once Sock 1 is done, I can get started on that.

Shazaam. Take that, overcast!

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