Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, Monday: Still Grey

. . . and still determined not to whinge, as the Brits say. Sorted the drawers and laundry yesterday. Yay! Finished 39 Steps--like a comic book in prose, but a classic adventure novel--knitted on the Cursed socks, made bread, worked on the annual appeal. Today: cleaning house, going to Fiber Craft show. Yay! Might also decide on the needles I will use for the February Lady Sweater when I make attempt #2 on that. Waiting for the complete Jeeves and Wooster dvd set I ordered from Daedalus Books as BH's Dad's Day present--GREAT for this weather!

Old pic of this year's amaryllis, just for pretty. Inspiration, sunshine? Apparently, there is a trough of low pressure that has parked itself in the ocean and trapped all this moisture. We are set till at least next week. GULP. . . what movies do I want to see?????

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