Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28: Settling in and finding a balance

It's vacation, and I am home! Those are two wonderful bits of information that I'm just starting to encompass. Saturday I actually slept till 8:30 am--a first in a long, long time--and tomorrow I plan to clean the house in the first of my "I am the cleaning lady" sweeps for the summer. BOTH will be good signs that summer vacation is here and I'm settling in.

The week I was gone was, of course, my first week of vacation, and it featured lots of good stuff, including my twentieth reunion of the MAT group I graduated with, a five day stretch with my dearest friend and her family, and then a dinner, overnight, and trip to Boston with my sister and her family and a quick visit with my brother and his. It was wild to spend so much time with so many different people who are important to me--all in a week. I think I'm still absorbing it, but I know it made me very happy! Riding home on the Concord Coach from Boston gave me five hours to reflect and be silent. . . good recovery time from visiting central!

And I have mostly cleaned my study, and I have written most of my thank you notes, and I am poised for doing some more concrete stuff--like the aforementioned deep clean #1 tomorrow. I hope today to also get some unpacking/laundry putting away done (which should be coupled with winnowing out my drawers, which sorely need that), and then maybe work on draft #1 for the annual appeal letter for the library. The first paragraph will be the hardest, I know--but it's still hard to get that done.

The weather is certainly a boon to doing boring inside stuff: it has been grey, humid and damp for about two weeks. CT/MA has had more rain and longer greyness (they did not have the lovely week we did from June 15 - 18), so I am trying not to despair or complain, BUT. . . it's been a spell. I'm hoping to show my maturity by 1. continuing to work out and be active, especially by using my bike for most reasonable in-town commuting; 2. jumping on those inside jobs that I won't want to do when the sun finally shows up; 3. looking for FUN inside things to do that I'd want to do regardless, and 4. not whining. We'll see how it all unfolds. The hardest is not being able to hang out laundry, since winnowing and tidying both require considerable dirty laundry, whether changed sheets or used dust rags. BUT. That will come.

So: tomorrow I drop my car off to get the weird squeak looked at and the alignment dealt with.
Also, tomorrow Marie and I go to the Schoodic Fiber Arts show to look at knitting!
Today, I may make french bread and might try to write about teaching and why it's so hard. Also: annual appeal letter! DRAFT ONE!
Today, I might finish ONE of the Cursed socks. On sock #2, I finally figured out the heel, which led to undoing sock #1 TWO MORE TIMES, so it lives as having been frogged at least partially SEVEN TIMES. May that remain a record for me! Otherwise, it/they look like the end might be in sight. I hope.

I did finish the second book of the vacation: Barbara Pym's An Unsuitable Attachment. It blows my mind that she wrote it in the seventies: I still have a vivid 1930's feeling about her stuff. I liked that it ended happily, but it was a nonevent, pretty much, for me.

Book One was Maeve Binchy's Echoes, which was not good. Trite, stilted, boring. I speed read a bit of it, then left it at Julie's for her mom, to see what she thinks of it as we both (usually) like Binchy.

Book Three, I think, will be Thirty Nine Steps, which I gave Elder, who did not read it, lost it, and now has found it. We'll see how I like it!

A nap is calling me, but I think I need to put on some good music and head for our bedroom for some serious winnowing out. THEN, paragraph one of the appeal letter. Anyone out there want to just make a contribution of some hefty spare cash to the Ellsworth Public Library and save me this agony? Half a million? Please?

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