Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16: Nice Moment

Things are still pretty crazy around here. Note to self: in the future, try to not leave for a week 2 hours after school lets out. Just. . . don't.

BUT today Younger and I walked over to the high school for his arts awards, but found that they are actually tomorrow. Ah well. It was a lovely golden evening and we had a nice walk. En route home, I treated us both to single scoop cones at Baskin-Robbins, and we were in line behind an attractive young couple. They were laughing and hugging and he was teasing her about being nice to him or else he'd make her walk to Bangor, and she said, "I'm sure this nice family would give me a ride!" We laughed and told her she was out of luck because we didn't even have our car with us. Clearly, though, they both wanted to talk about what a great day they'd had: she's lived in Bangor all her life but had never been to Bar Harbor, so he had promised her a trip for her birthday. He's in the Maine National Guard and had been "in the field" for a month, so they'd had to schedule this way in advance, and the fact that this was a gorgeous day was sheer luck. They told us about the stores they liked (she was very excited about the nail polish she'd bought that changes color in the sun!) and had clearly just had a terrific day and wanted to talk about it. It was nice to get to share in their joy--to be able to play along with it, and cheer for them. The whole situation just made me smile.

And the pralines'n'cream was delicious, too!

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