Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19: Hot, hot, hot

It's been about a week of hazy, hot, and humid weather, and (shhhh) I'm getting ready for it to change! It's not so much the days, as we're blessed with the river to swim in and there's usually a breeze somewhere, but the nights aren't much fun! There are rumors that we'll get remnants of various hurricanes up here this weekend, but I'd settle for a nice northern flow and some Septemberish weather, especially as I need to do a (final?) thorough clean on Friday and the floors, skipped when Julie and co. came but used heavily thereafter!!!, need real attention. In this weather if I wash them, they'll stay wet all day!

Sweater news: I don't think I've ever watched so much screen stuff: episodes of "Scrubs," "Columbo," and soon more "House of Elliott" (tho I love that and would watch it regardless!). . . and then I decided to take out the last 12 lace repeats on the first arm,go down one needle size, and aim for a less flowing shape. I'm making the arms full length, and I don't want a LOT Of extra fabric. So: I am now about at the elbow, take #2, sleeve #1, struggling a bit with the flow of the stitches on the round needle after the lace rows, but doing okay. I think I'll have to use double points for the next needle downsize--in about 10 repeats, I think. I was checking Ravelry yesterday to see what people were doing about sleeve changes and again I was amazed by the number of people who can set out to do these in ONE MONTH! I must investigate this!

But I'm also getting a hankering to make socks, remembering that BH would like a hat for C'mas (and I'd like to do it secretly so it's a surprise), considering a commission to make a stocking and a chullo for my patron of last year, and and and school is looming. SO: I knit, I knit, I knit, and hope for a cooling trend. Not bad, not bad at all.

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