Saturday, August 8, 2009

August 8: Appreciating Vacation

Well, let's see: August has been a blur so far: We had a very successful yard sale on Saturday the 1st, making over $350 for the Heifer Ark, and then Sunday I tidied up the financial loose ends for THREE church fundraisers, and the boys and I had a lovely quiet time listening to the Artemus Fowl cd (Irish and Younger were right: reading, not skimming, was the key to enjoying the book) up in my study while I cleaned up in readiness for

EPC 251: EMBRACING THE WABANAKI INITIATIVE, which hit like a whirlwind on Monday at 8:30 in Bangor and washed everything else in my week away!

The Wabanaki is the tribal confederacy of Native people in Maine, composed of four tribes, the Penobscot, the Passamoquoddies, the Micmac and the Maliseet. In early 2000, their tribal rep. to the State Senate managed to get an unfunded mandate passed saying that Maine kids should be exposed to Wabanaki culture and history on a regular basis in school. SO: we're supposed to teach it, but most of us teachers know very little about the Wabanaki in that deep way you need to know to be able to be excited and full of resources and able to do a really good. Well, suffice it to say that after four books, 8 guest lecturers, numerous powerpoints and documentaries, a media review, a curriculum review, a visit to Indian Island, and 50 hours of class, I feel like I can do it. I also came home and slept for 2 hours yesterday afternoon!!!!!!

Ironically enough, it was a lovely week of weather. My best friend in the world and family arrive around lunch time today, and today is lovely, so we'll hope the trend continues. But I am newly ready to enjoy the joys of summer! FOR THREE WHOLE WEEKS! YAY!

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