Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24: The First Day of the Last Week

--Big crisis for me was the LEAKS we had in our NEWLY SHINGLED ROOF when the incredible rain produced by the remnants of Hurricane Bill arrived on Sat. night and last night. As I lay in bed listening to the water dropping into the bucket at the top of the stairs (falling through the light fixture, just for another scary touch), I let myself get all knotted up, feeling that old black wave of "why does this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" sweep over me. Coupled with the Ongoing Question of the Stupidly Rigged and Inefficient Heating System and the Mysteriously Triggering (But Only at Night) Fire Alarm System, the Leaks Despite $4000 of New Shingles Roof made me feel like Ma Joad or at least like we owned the Amityville Horror house. Then I snapped out of it: admitted I was pissed but realized that it was NOT the end of the world or even a huge crisis, got up, had a snack, finished the book I was reading, and fell asleep by midnight. Still: we're calling the roofer today.

Dentist today and then a stint weeding the big gardens at the church, which need some TLC. All this rain will make it a pleasant job, I think, as the weeds should slide right out. The last week is always a battle between soaking up some lassitude and doing everything I meant to do but didn't, due to soaking up too much lassitude. May the balance be struck!

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