Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010: WOW!

Much time has gone by, but much good/fun/challenging/rewarding stuff has happened. Or unfolded. Or been accomplished. Right now there are several things I feel like sharing:

•went to a great tech workshop after school, geared for English teachers. It was great fun, time shot by, and we all (three of us!) got great ideas. AND there was pizza!

•thanks to a student, I have put "omnidazzle" on my cursor so I sprinkle golden pixie dust as I move around and do my work. I love it inordinately and geekily.

•have been knitting quite a bit on the sweater that I want to make and that will fit BH, Elder, or me, so that's good, but it's taking TIME so am

•planning the next pair of socks. It's been a while!

In the meantime, May is jetting by. It's been a lovely month, and many lovely things have happened in it. This weekend, Elder goes to an art enrichment weekend in Deer Isle, and Younger, BH and I go to Grandaddy's 80th and then Younger's confirmation. Yay!

For now................ I'm beat! G'night, maybe, even!

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