Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8: Mini-Triathlon #2!

I am wearing a fleece, long sleeved tee, wool socks, and jeans, and curled in my comfy chair, complete with mohair throw. Outside, it is cold (45) and raining steadily. I have had a hot shower, a nap, and a lovely lunch at the Riverside, complete with a chocolate milkshake. All these details crown the fact that I have completed the Downeast Family YMCA's "Dare to Try" Mini-triathlon for the second time, and I am so pleased with myself that I could just sing (more active signs will have to wait till Sunday or even Monday)!

It was not a lovely day, and what to wear if it was going to pour steadily was a big question, but many things turned out fine. I wore my running tights and my windbreaker after the swim, then shed the 'breaker for the run, and apart from a slight tendency for the tights to slide down during the run, all was well. My feet got VERY cold--wool peds next year--but otherwise I felt a lot better than I did last year. I have little idea of what my time was because I forgot to check, and I don't. even. really. care: I am just delighted that I did it, that I finished, that I felt so good. The only bummer was that I was moved to the third heat due to a very slow swimmer in my assigned lane. It made total sense to move me, but I battled the feeling of being THE LAST ONE. I ended up not being, and, of course, timewise I was far from the last, but still. Maturity lesson, I guess!

Well. That is a huge hurdle at the end of two weeks of lots of hurdles, including a budget meeting for the library which went very poorly AND the massive scoring of honors work which we do every year and which I'm in charge of as dept. head this year. I just feel happy and relieved--yay!

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