Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23: Friday of Vacation Week

It's a grey cold day and I'm having a lazy one of it, I guess. . . plan to spring into some work (bill paying, updating the busy, busy calendar for April/May, etc) but I didn't sleep well last night (next time: a DECAF iced coffee after Younger's ortho at 4:30!) and am tired now, so I am on the futon in the study, hoping for a nap.

The Boston trip was good/fun/packed/cheerful/pleasant/full of family and friends. . . . Besides seeing BH's aunt and uncle and a family friend, Younger and I had a lovely time in Boston while Elder and BH visited his second school. We went to the Aquarium and then knocked around downtown a bit, miraculously finding all the spots we needed to find easily and quickly. The weather was stunning, and we simply had a lovely time. Two pics:

Us on the wharf outside the Aquarium. . . and

a very avant-garde pic I managed with my terrible camera. There were tons of people in the Aquarium, but it was fun to be there with a mellow companion, so the stress didn't get to us.

On the homefront, Younger and I finished a deep cleaning of his room and, as a result/reward, he now has a new mattress and boxspring to replace the one I slept on in my grandmother's guest room. . . . which was old THEN! I think he'll sleep well. The room is certainly stunning!

Okay. Nap time, starting with a little more Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, which I am loving and reading very, very slowly to make it last!

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