Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3: Wow! Time Flies like an arrow. . .

. . . but fruit flies like a banana!!!!

Just realized I should've used that old joke while studying figurative language with my 9th graders. . . . Oh well. Next batch.

It's Easter Saturday, BH has gone to help empty his father's house, under contract at last!, and I have much much much to do. However, I am bolstered in my determination that if volunteering to make the Easter breakfast for church is my gift, it needs to be done with pleasure and grace, not frenzy and rush. So.

1. Made six Stollen yesterday after school. Discovered that yes, they are still delectable even when one forgets to add the eggs. Completely. All four eggs. Until the first batch is in the oven and the second batch is formed and rising. Hmmm. Who knew?

2. Have made a good clear to do list for the boys, who will be asked only to do a small help-out since the breakfast (see above) is my idea. Mostly their to dos will make a nicer homecoming for BH, who is very stressed, and will get their weekend chores done before tomorrow, Easter.

3. Have decided on some simplified foods, but mostly have decided to focus on the almost-miraculous (and we're in the season of miracles, now, anyway, natural and religious, so let's call it miraculous, shall we?) way that things seem to get done every year for this event, whether I freak out or not. Am I learning? Anne Lamott talks about how her behavior can make Jesus want to drink gin out of the cat dish; I feel like my obtuseness makes Jesus want to kick me in the head to make his point!

4. Am hoping for a nap, and am watching the fog clear slowly. Forecast is for a most unMainelike Easter: sunny and 70's. !!!!

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