Friday, July 30, 2010

7/30: Friday!

Well it's a lovely cool morning and Andy and I are pausing before (I hOPE!) leaping into a day of great productivity. With Silas arriving in just about 16 days, we have a lot of house issues to square away, to say nothing of general stuff we just want to do. Yesterday we got ten boxes of laminate flooring at Marden's, and soon Lyle and Andy are going to pull up the nasty carpet in the den. . . meanwhile, I am about one file drawer and several armloads away from having the whole den cleaned out and ready to be painted, emptied of the futon, reloaded with the bed (with a possible new mattress), and just plain readied for the arrival of a 17 year old boy for the year!


And MOm comes up tonight and Sweeney Todd launches. Last night A and I went to see a "showcase," which was a nice selection of various scenes from famous works the kids had worked on--Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Importance of Being Ernest. . . . Much fun to see them all, and it really made me feel that they were doing "theater camp" and not just "putting on a play." THEN we got ICE CREAM. :)

Coffee time!

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