Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7: Action!

Hot but lovely. Even a breeze. Here's what I have done today:
--made Lyle's b'day cake layers.
--finished reading Volume II of Great Expectations. That's 16 days early, thank you very much!
--set up the second blog over Volume II of GE for my students.
--finished Julie's letter.
--run the dishwasher.
--made iced tea.
--started cleaning out my closet so I can move out of the study for Silas to move in.
--cleaned out my wallet.
--swum across the river with Andy.
--gone driving around the neighborhood with Lyle, practicing his shifting.

I plan to also
--run with Nate (then probably swim with him too)
--wrap L's presents
--food shop/go to the bank and the libe with the boys
--finish the closet (at least the clothes hanging part, maybe not the piles of stuff part).

WHOOSH! Take THAT, July 7!!!!

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