Sunday, July 11, 2010

July 11: A Little Whining

It's raining, and that's GREAT. In fact, I wish it would rain a little harder for the whole afternoon. We need it, and since Nate and I have to work on Andy's belated Dad's Day jammies, it's a perfect setting for our afternoon plans. I even swam this morning so I am off the hook for exercise (I think I've inflamed my left hip bursa, so I think I'll skip running for a bit. Am trying to be good with ibu and icing. Might try for a hike or two this week instead, and lotsa swimming). BUT

everything in the house is sticky due to the humidity! There is NOT a breath of wind, and we need the lights on. This always bothers me. Bleah.

So I plan to eat some lunch, read my Katie Fforde book (pure fluff), and then sew. Probably with some loud music on to get me unwhiny.

And the rain is nice.

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