Saturday, July 14, 2012

July 14: Sssssteam Heat!

Wow. Today is the first still, grey-skied, breathlessly hot and humid day. We have had very few of these, trending instead toward either lovely cool, dry, clear, breezy days, or hot, dry, clear, breezy days. Because of the latter, I'd started saying, "Humidity isn't an issue! I can run/be focused/not complain {insert action here} regardless of the weather!"    

WHEW BOY! Today is reminding me that maybe I *can* do all that stuff, but it ain't so much *fun* to do all that stuff.

Silas and I got up early to drive down to Bath for a meet-up and a central Maine sweep of friends from his year here, and the air-conditioned car felt pretty great. At breakfast, we sat with our friends in a sunny nook at Mae's Cafe  (great food! Wish I'd had more appetite!) and I sweated like a fountain--maybe I should've gotten the iced coffee instead of the hot. I hope Silas and friends get some sea breeze!

Driving home, I decided to take the coastal scenic route over the speedy Rt. 95 one, and I was happy I did it. Lots of nice places to look at, and simply something different. Most wonderful was the audiobook of Great Expectations that my wonderful tape-deck endowed Toyota allowed me to listen to. Dickens can write!

So, home to iced tea and sitting on the front lawn doing nothing in particular. I may go for a run late, like around 6 or so, but I may give myself a break. The Fabulous is in at Hancock Marine, so if the breeze comes up, we might sail. I sure hope this heat doesn't hang around long. Thunderstorms, anyone?

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