Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27: Post-Great-Visit-Letdown

Well, the Skibsholts are gone, but what a great visit we had! I have learned that making a general plan for meals is a huge bonus for me (and the fridge, our bank account, our happiness levels. . . ) and that having flexible-but-enthusiastic guests makes a huge difference. I had done the hard thinking of what dinner would be, when I'd need to start it, when we'd eat, if we were having a special breakfast, whether we'd eat out and what people would do when Andy and I had simultaneous meetings. As a result, we ate only occasional snacks (ice cream!) out, enjoyed a lovely and much-anticipated dinner out at the Lobster Pot last night, and I only went to the grocery store ONCE midweek and knew exactly what I needed to get. AND we ate like royalty--healthy royalty, if I do say so myself. So.

I'm doing laundry, it's a grey day, and we're feeling a little loose ended. I'm sleepy, so I might head upstairs for a nap (Nate's already there), but I thought I'd post a few pics before I went, and maybe throw out a to-do list for myself to see if that helps.

First: here we all are on our second cloudyish day (yesterday), at the end of our hike up Blue Hill:

And here is the one star-gazer lily that managed to survive dry-then-wet-then-beetles-then-chickens conditions. I cut it and brought it inside for better (safer) enjoyment: 

And now I will go hang the towels on our drying rack, check the load in the dryer, pull out some banking, brush my teeth, and possibly head up for a nap with my wonderful book, Laura Moriarty's The Chaperone. Sounds like a to-do list to me!

A run is in my future, I think, and then tonight, the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and knitting! 

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