Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11: Two More Weeks

It's a dark, damp afternoon, but it's not really raining*. We're just back from a mini-reunion at Mom's camp (that's ONE of the two visits I'd put as a goal for the summer)--it ended up being just one night there, and the weather was grey and damp throughout, but it was still nice to see the family groups who made it: two sisters, one with spouse and kids from CA; my dad and stepmom; my mom, who just had a step-family funeral so was ready to heave a sign of relief. We jetted over on Friday and were home by 12 noon today: Nate's up to the 70's in his AP US summer reading book, Zinn's A People's History of the United States, and I got a good deal of knitting done in the car. I need to figure out the neck shaping for the fronts of Moth's cardigan and then start the sleeves, which I need to lengthen. . . . so I figured it was better to do all that work in the house where I could focus.

But there are still a few things I want to do: get blueberries from Maine Sweet and Wild, our friends the Jordans' company and site of Lyle's first summer job!; make blueberry cobbler and other delights; work on some sewing, and plant more perennials in our front gardens. Lyle comes home on Thursday (to Boston around midnight on Wed, then to a hotel and then a bus home on Thursday); Julie and Caroline come for their visit on Friday, and school meetings start on the 28th. Small sigh.

But the reading and various good things continue apace. Nate is working; Katniss has been spayed, and the big cats have had their yearly check up/stuffing-into-the-boxes torture. I've completed my training as an AFS Liaison and Saki arrives in Ellsworth Sunday afternoon. Life is sweet.

*Not my favorite weather. I'd much prefer rain or sun. Gloom doesn't really do it for me. Not that I get a vote! 

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